Lombok, Keindahan di Barat Indonesia

Escaping to Gili

Acara pesta pernikahan mungkin cuma berlangsung satu hari aja, tapi capeknya bukan main, dari atas kepala sampai ujung kaki. Karena gak punya waktu yang cukup panjang untuk berlibur, saya dan suami sepakat untuk menikmati bulan madu kami di dalam negeri saja dulu. We both love beach, nature, and adventure things.. Oleh karena itu, Pulau Bali, Lombok, Ora Beach menempati ‘Top Three’ daftar tempat tujuan honeymoon kami. Dan karena saya pengen banget nyobain snorkeling, akhirnya pilihan kami jatuh ke Lombok. Selain karena pantainya bagus, akses kesana ga terlalu sulit. Yay!


Ada beberapa pulau kecil (Gili) dengan pantai yang indah. Sebut saja Gili Trawangan, Gili Kedis, Gili Meno, Gili Air, Gili Nanggu, Gili Sundak, dan lainnya. Kali ini kami berkesempatan mengunjungi Gili Trawangan, Kedis, Nanggu, dan melakukan snorkeling dipantai sekeliling pulau. Continue reading “Lombok, Keindahan di Barat Indonesia”

Under the Maple Tree


is a second spring, 
when every leaf is a flower

      What’s your most favourite season in a year? What is the best season to take some landscape photos? For me, I really love Autumn, the fall season, because I could see amazing nature things when the maple leaves have turned yellow and red. Fall is the best season, especially when you want to take some landscape photos. Not only the leaves on tree that have turned yellow and red, but leaves which was falling to the ground is also bring some magical touch to your photograph. Anyway, It was pretty cold outside, so if you go to somewhere, you better bring your coat on. 

“But then fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favourite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you.” 
― Stephen King‘Salem’s Lot

Autumn, 2012 

Flower on Summer

Yukata is an informal, unlined kimono made of cotton and worn with a narrow sash (obi). It is usually worn to the bath or in the summertime. Unlike ceremonial kimono, yukata is casual and comfortable to wear. It can be worn next to the skin. Wooden clogs (geta) are usually worn without Japanese socks (tabi) when wearing a yukata. Today many people wear yukata at summer festivals (matsuri), fireworks displays (hanabi-taikai), and the Bon Festival Dance (bon-odori). Recently the yukata has become fashionable among young womenIMG_9535
   August is the hottest month of the year in Japan. Not only is the temperature high, so is the humidity. The word for “hot” is “atsui(暑い),” and “humid” is “mushiatsui (蒸し暑い).” Although the northernmost Hokkaido is much cooler, the temperature there goes up to 30 degrees or more on an almost daily basis in August. This is called “manatsubi(真夏日)” or midsummer days. Late July, August and early September mean festivals in Japan. You’ll find them all over the country, and even in local neighborhoods, either 祭り (まつり), matsuri, festival) or 花火大会 (はなびたいかい, hanabi taikai, fireworks display/show). Matsuri generally refers to a festival (as that is what it means), which can take on various forms depending on the type of festival it is. Most people who come to this event are wearing Yukata. Yukata are worn at outdoor summer events such as hanabi (fireworks) displays and bon-odori festivals, but  sometimes you need it just to take photos :p
    Anyway, If you’re in Japan, whether you live here or just visiting, I certainly recommend checking out a festival of some kind, in particular the fireworks festivals. But how do you find them? One way, of course, is by word of mouth from those that live in your area. You may also see posters at nearby train stations advertising upcoming festivals. It’s also likely your city and/or prefectural website lists upcoming events (sometimes in English). And as you may already know, it’s not difficult to find some of the biggest events in Japan, online, in English. However, there are also websites that list festivals all over Japan, not just the most popular, and provide necessary info such as where they happen and when. Though these are in Japanese, they may help you find a festival you wouldn’t otherwise know about.
Yokohama, Summer 2012


      Sometimes I imagine that I was living at Fantasy world, and my life story would be same like in the fairy tale. I was the princess and my prince will come around with his white horse. But then I realised, I must face this real-life, though I did never wish to stay at.
IMG_1885 copyb 
Photograph, retouch:  Ghita Athalina
Location:  Fuji-Q Highland
– Autumn, 2011

Flower and Winter

       Might be it’s not winter again. Yeay! finally this afternoon the weather was warm, not like the other days. Seems like Spring, the flower seeds start popping up. So I would like to use floral-skirt from Lowrys Farm which I bought last year on the spring. This shirt I bought at Axes Femme (I  love this rose-emboss at the edge of this shirt), also wine-color tights.


        今日は一年生の後期の期末試験が終わった (再試験はあるかどうかまだ分からないけどね、一応終わったので、のんびりしよー.(笑)) 。試験の勉強で昨日からまだ寝てなかったので、これからゆっくり寝る。身体的・精神的に本当に疲れた。来週からも集中実習があり、力いっぱい使い、これよりもっと疲れるかもしれないな。ではでは皆さん、そろそろベッドに入ろうと思って、お休みなさい (^-^)/