Self Cashier: Bakery Scan

Okay. Now I have ten minutes to write about new technology in Japan recently. This week, I read a news article about AI system that can help people saving their times. When people buy something at supermarket or shop, they’ve to line up to pay near cashier. But now, we don’t have to wait for a long time. Nowadays, with recognition systems, people can do their ‘self cashier’ like this one.

First step is, put all bread on the tray, and go to the counter. Then, put that tray under scanner, and system will recognise breads that you took. After all the breads were scanned, then you click calculate button, pay, and you get yours.

This system need high-accuracy level to recognise kind of breads. It’s kinda difficult, especially when it looks same but has different filling. And also, the chef have to maintain bread’s shape and looks, so system could recognise it easily without any error and mistakes. Anyway, some of bakery in Tokyo have implemented this Bakery Scan system to their shop, so consumer won’t wait for long time to get their bread!


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