Happy New Year! from 111 class, and now I’m writing post while my ears listen to the lecture and my brain works hard for both activities. Last December, I back to my country for about two weeks, and I did my wedding preparation such as took pre-wedding photos, decided the design of invitation letter, and so on. I spent my day in Jakarta because our pre-wedding photoshoots was held on some spots around Jakarta, such as Hauwke’s Auto Gallery, Mangroove, Anyer Beach, Kota Tua and Cafe Batavia. I trust Orion Photography to capture my wedding photoshoots. Overall, I really pleased with their jobs because they listened to our requests and advices. But, I will post about my pre-wedding photos later.


  New Years Resolutions are fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain. Same like others, I hope that in this year, my life will be better that last one and wish all things will go well. Getting married, be a good wife, my research goes well, getting scholarship for this year, he passes for his exam, get healthier, saving more money, travelling to Europe, and many more. Talking about marriage and the ceremony, I really thank to my mom because she can handle almost of all the wedding preparations, without any help from wedding organisations, she knows the best!

Start new step on business!

Yes, I’m a newbie on this field, and really, I didn’t know how to start it at first. I made an online store at Instagram which is named by GIFstore_japan. Here, I sell any Japanese goods, toys, clothes, and snacks. Not only that, buyer can pre-order things that they want, and I’ll get it for them. What about the price? Don’t worry, because I make it as Pre-Order-System, so I don’t buy things that I won’t sell to consumers. And it makes me set the price at lower rate. Compare it with other online shopping in Instagram if you want! :]

Research goes well!

Hanya Sensei dan Tuhan yang tahu… dan gak muluk-muluk, aku hanya butuh dua kali presentasi dalam negeri (Jepang) dan satu kali publikasi luar negeri, untuk melanjutkan studi Doktor. Semoga Tuhan melapangkan jalanku dalam bidang pendidikan. Amin. (*sujudpasrah*)

Intinya, semua yang terbaik untuk tahun ini. Ganbarou 🙂

– G.A

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