10 years later

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” – Oscar Wilde

  Me, and my sister, we both love read comics, especially if it’s about detective or mysterious story like Detective Conan, Q.E.D, Kindaichi, etc. (and I still read it ’till now). I can learn many things from the story, such as guessing the murderer, decode dying message, the way they killed victims, and more. But recently, sci-fi novel kinda make me interest with their own stories.

  Talking about detective comic, I remember one part of scene on QED, was taken at MIT, an University in America which also known as an place for genius people to study or do their research. I adore MIT a lot, as I wish someday I can continue my study there. I don’t care if people talk that it’s an impossible thing, and I don’t really mind when they laugh over my dreams.

  Last Saturday, I visited my homestay family at Sagamihara, and I met Rosie, an engineer from Boston, there. I didn’t know about her academic story, where she graduated from, or where she was working at. Until we finished our lunch, then she gave me a refrigerator magnet, and it’s from MIT. “I have something for you, because you’re an engineer too.”, said Rosie. I really surprised, “So, you’re graduated from MIT? It’s so cool!!”, I said. Then I asked her a lot of question about MIT, such as how to take Ph.D there, or about scholarships, about food, the environment, and living cost of course. She kindly answered it and told me, if someday I want to continue my study in MIT, I can contact her. It’s nice to meet you, Ros.

  Anyway, after I graduate from this Master’s program in Japan, I will continue my study and take Doctor’s degree. I don’t mind if it takes more couple years, because I have to finish things I start, and reach my dream. But if I fail to reach out all those things, I won’t get disappoint. Because I know, I have already work hard and try my best in everything.

– G.A

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