Hakone Trip (箱根)

This was a trip to Hakone last year but I write it on my post now. This is about Hakone, a part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, less than 100km from Tokyo. You can go by train (but maybe you’ll have to change train more than once), or by bus. Anyway, with the Odakyu Limited Express “Romance Car“, Hakone is just 85 minutes away from Shinjuku.


_MG_3278Me and mom went to Hakone because she wanted to buy “Kuro-tamago” (黒卵) or Black Eggs. People in Japan believed that people who eat this eggs, their life span would be longer by five to seven years! When I visited Owakudani, five eggs were sell for 500 yen (maybe about Rp.50k). Some people will hike up mountain to eat the eggs (like me and my mom did. Yes, we hike up about 1050 meters above sea level). But you can buy this eggs at stores in Owakudani Station. It tasted like boiled eggs as usual, but you can put some salt to make it more salty.



FYI, Hakone is famous for hot springs (Onsen/温泉), natural beauty and view of nearby Fuji Mountain. You also can enjoy the scenery of Mt. Fuji in so many different ways; onboard a Hakone Sightseeing Cruise, from shores of Lake Ashi, high up in the sky gondola of the Hakone Ropeway, or while bathing in a hot spring. But unfortunately, start from this summer, this sightseeing place has been closed due to the eruption issue.


Have you ever taste soft ice cream in black? Guess what the flavour is!

_MG_3243 (2)

_MG_3230See you in another post~

– G.A

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