When Roses are Blue

 “God, I know You’ve already known my pain, how deep my sorrow, or how much tears which was falling on river between my eyes. I know You made me felt like no one could understand me or stand by my side when I fell down to abyss, just to made me stronger. You just wanted to see how could I stand up again after all this time, and taught me how to be stronger in life because it was the only choice that I had.”

And then, You gave me a big surprise. The warmest feeling I had. The most beautiful thing that ever happened in my life..

   Their story, has begun when cherry blossoms with its beautiful petals were blooming up on March. It was on Thursday night, when I saw a girl whose her heart were broke and came into pieces. Accidentally, she met a doctor who worked at Hospital Emergency Room while she was visiting family at hospital. But, he didn’t have any idea when the first time they met. He was just smiling and try to hide his blushing cheeks and write other patient’s health status. Nothing’s much happened when the first time they met each others, even talk or having conversation for a minute. But, some couple days, he asked her to be his girl, I mean, to be his wife.

“…kakak gak minta kamu buat jadi pacar kakak. Tapi kakak harap kamu mau jadi pendamping di hidup kakak selamanya. Cincin ini, boleh kakak pasang di jari manismu?”

A Letter from White Lily

     Hi dear, maybe we just met some couple months ago. It sounds so cliche, but I feel like I knew you since long time ago. Maybe I could talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what I could have when I sat in front of you, not saying a word, yet I feel you with my heart. I feel like I have known you for forever. And, to be true, I do not care too much what happened on your past, because both of us had different stories of “memories-we-want-to-forget”. But now, you don’t need to look back again, because I’m here to show you for our better future.

blogIn all the world, there is no love for you like mine..


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