Put The Spice On!

Whenever I feel stress, I cook. Whenever I am happy, I cook. Whenever I feel hungry, I cook. So cooking is one of my fave hobby beside taking picture or going somewhere. Basically it doesn’t depend on my current feeling or situation, because I think that cooking is a must thing to do. Moreover, you can manage or control your food nutrition instead of if you’re dining out or taking Mc* burger. HAHAH!

Anyway, last week I made this curry set; Salad for appetiser, 2 kinds of curry (this time I use shrimp and minced chicken), Turmeric rice and Cheese-Nan, and Lassi for dessert.


Cut carrot, zucchini into a ‘matchstick’ like strips. Put down lettuce on plate, mix it with carrot, zucchini, sweet corn, and tuna chunks. Now it’s time to make the sauce! You need olive oil, plain yoghurt, pinch of salt and pepper. Mix it well!


I made same curry base, then separate it before shrimp and minced chicken was added. The ingredients was so simple: vegetable oil, onion, curry powder, fresh tomato sauce, cardamom, black pepper, salt, and fresh milk. Also you can add some chilli powder, (or death sauce maybe) to make your curry more spicy.

Turmeric Rice and Nan

I just added turmeric powder, butter, salt-pepper and mix it with rice before I cooked it on jar. So simple but taste good. For cheese-nan, I made it same like bread dough. But I didn’t bake it on oven. To make it more chewy or fuwa-fuwa, I fried it on pan, and put some water like if I cooked gyoza. Then when It finished, put some cheese on the nan’s top, baked it for 10 minutes and I got melted cheese on my nan. It was 10/10!

Peach Lassi

Mix all this ingredients: Plain yoghurt, sugar, milk, peach (you can try with another fruits, maybe blueberry or grape are taste good)

..and my curry set was done!



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