From a Stranger

Konbanwa. Or you can say it “Selamat Malam…

It’s being such a period I didn’t talk about my love story. But tonight, let me talk a lil’ things about our journey. And it started from a message on Facebook which was sent by a “stranger”. Who knows when I was walking from my dormitory at Kamisyakuji to the nearest station, I got a FB message (and he-with-his incorrectly Japanese sentences), which his introduction letter was written there. I just laughed with feeling like “What? Who? Why?” question on my head.

I’ve never heard about your name, before. Knew nothing about yours, of course.

So I just let things go like it didn’t happened anyway. But then my mom said that he was a doctor who was taking care of my grandma at ICU, also my sister’s junior at faculty. I really respect it. I just respect about things that he was taking care of grandma, nothing else. So I replied his text and said sorry because I didn’t text and reply message to a stranger. Also I said that his Japanese skill was bad, and better we talk in Indonesian :p

We chat, and being friend.

Until he proposed me on March, to be his wife. I said nothing. Just tears of happiness because I couldn’t say any words then. I remember that I said to dad if I felt hopeless to find a good one, because I had bitter story on past. But God showed me the meaning of: A best one will come at the perfect time and the perfect moment. You don’t have to look for it, it’ll come by time.

Maybe tears mean “Yes”.



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