Why so ‘Drama’?

I think, when people come up to me to ask questions about their problems, I see unsatisfied faces. It’s because they expected an answer full of complexity, which would signify the complexity of life too, which justifies having problems. But they don’t get that from me. My answers are always very simple and straightforward. And that exactly is the key to a happy life. Humans tend to complicate things because it feels easier when there is something to blame on. Don’t.
This statement I got from another blog. Sometimes, I feel when people asked questions about their problems, they don’t really meant to get our opinion or advice. They just need somebody to listen about it, or want to hear the same answer that they’re thinking of. That’s why when I gave my opinion about problem-solving, they might be think: “Why the answer is just so simple?” or “Why don’t you think how hard it is for me.” or “Because you were not me, so you don’t have to care, right?” Oh dude, let me give you an explanation. Listen, if we can solve all problems with positive mind, why do we need to put some ‘Drama’ things on that? Why we have to turns something unimportant into a major deal. We life in reality, and we are not a character on drama. 

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