Begin Again

Hello world.

Finally I wrote blog again (after a guy deleted all my post, photos on my blogspot). I still don’t understand why people nowadays are too over-protective till did something unpleasant like changing your account password, deleted all photos, etc. Are they know about something that were called “Privacy”?. That kind of people just want to change your life to be what they want. You can’t change people mind, the way of thinking. Because we were born as different individual. What makes me happy may not be your happiness, vice versa.

One thought on “Begin Again

  1. Personally I have gone through this before and this is one of the reason why I love my boyfriend right now, cause I have a total freedom yet we still can build our life together. I dont know what was going on with you two but I think you made a good decision by letting him go 🙂 dont give up on writing!


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