The Happiest Birthday!

Tokyo Disneyland_MG_3698

      One of my dream was come true: Spent my last birthday at Tokyo Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Disneyland Mickey-Minnie gave me presents: a suppaaa cute badge for “The happiest birthday”, photo’s frame, and also sang birthday song for me. I love it for sure, and I enjoy my trip here because I could meet almost of Disney characters; Mickey-Minnie Mouse, Duffy (Tokyo Disneysea’s bear), Donald-Daisy Duck, Disney Princess; Ariel, Cinderella (and yes, I entered the castle too), and Rapunzel (I adore her sooooo much!). It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you love Disney, this place is worth to visit.  _MG_3529_MG_3532_MG_3551_MG_3554

         Visiting Tokyo Disneyland is like visiting the best of Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom at the same time. There’s Disney World’s Haunted Mansion and Pooh Honey Haunt. There’s the immense Cinderella’s Castle, just like at Disney World, but there’s also an attraction inside it, too. Tokyo Disneyland is divided into six themed areas: Adventure Land, Western Land, Critter Country, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and Toontown. Toontown and Critter Country are perfect for kids, while the rest will fit the older kids and adults.

22th_MG_3357 copy

        Thank God for this 22 years, I got many special things on my life. I met some amazing people who taught me to be struggle in life. Taught me about love and hurts, which made me know about pain and forgiveness. And also about how to give and share, made me realised that I’m not alone. I cried a lot, I laughed a lot. I spent my life everyday with people who give me their cares. I thank to you all, for all of that, for all your role as a part of my story in life. Maybe I’m not as strong as I now without love, pain, laughs, tears, and problems that I got ’till now.

_MG_3478 copy

       I hope in this new age, I could more wise to face all problems, things in my life. I wish that I can finish my study here as well, stay health, and keep good relationship with people who I love. God, for all things that You gave to me, I only can say Thank You. I really feel blessed now. And happy birthday for my beloved sisters (yes, we were born on same month). The childhood moments that I’ve shared with you are the closest to my heart than any other. Mom’s right. Now, when we’re not live in same town anymore, I missed all things that we’ve spent together. I’m missing of pulled your hair, our pillows fight, and sang loudly like no one would hear us :’) Last, I want to say thank to you all, for who made this day be the happiest birthday ever. 


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