Teaching Assistant

    Been so busy since 3months ago, and I’d like to say sorry to my blog because I didn’t have much time to write a post though just a picture. Hehe.. Anyway, I’m in Shiga滋賀 now, a prefecture in Japan, which is located near Kyoto (30minutes to reach Kyoto Station) and Osaka(1hour to reach Osaka Station). I came here with a night bus from Shinjuku, and it took about 7hours to Hikone Station. In July, I spend my life here because there is a practical training from school, so I can learn many things such as: way to teach, how to make communications between teacher-students in class during lesson, and how to make students be attractive with the lesson.  Yes, I’m here as a teaching assistant and will be teaching about Digital Electronics circuit on Thursday, and Robot Programming on the next 2 weeks. I don’t know how it’ll be, but I try my best on everything \(^-^)/ 頑張りましょう! 

2014-11-21 10.31.00.png
This photos below was taken by my teacher while I were teaching for robot programming class. I was very nervous at start, because this is the first time for me being a teacher. Moreover, the hardest thing was: I must speak in Japanese while teaching and answering questions. Sounds simple, but it was pretty hard to do. Maybe I could speak fluently in Japanese when I explained the circuit, BUT the problems were how could I answered when students ask me that they digital circuit didn’t work or some error were occurred. Also, though I knew the answer, I couldn’t explain in Japanese word especially using technical term.
  Finally July was over and I back to my normal life, normal campus life as junior. Through this practical training for being a teacher, there were many things that I got and learn from being a teacher. I notice that the most important thing is “Communication” between teacher and students, that make good atmosphere in class. We’re study together, and share things that we hadn’t learn it yet before. For me, teaching someone is like we both study together with different knowledge. Trust me, It was interesting. Being a teacher or teaching students are good way to improve skills and knowledge. ^^ 

Summer – G.A

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