20 means:

Change to be a better one.   

Become more patient, no-more-crying, think logically and not based on feeling. Stop being act like a child, and no more yelling like a dumb. hehe..  Anyway, In Japan, 20 years is the age when someone can be called as “an adults“, not a teenagers or a children anymore. All things that we do need a responsibility, it means when I did something, I must think carefully before do that. I know this is pretty quite to do, but to get a better stage in life, all processes is necessary. 

More healthy. No diet, and more sport. 

Hey wait, it means I should stop my habits eating sweets like; cheesecake, muffins, ice cream, oreo, dairy-milk-chocolate, snickers, pocky? Aaaaa~ I just can’t imagine how’s my life can going well without all of ’em. I rarely eat meals, I hate rice for sure. For me, It stranges to eat mini-sticky-untasted-things like that. And when I’ve to eat rice, it can’t be more than 3 spoons. Why-Oh-Why, Why are all the good food like snickers and oreo is high in calories? 😐 Umm, maybe I shall skip this rules until I’m on 30 y.o 

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. 

Believe everything happens for a reason. Nobody said life would be easy. Yes, hard work is always needed and after do the best, all things that we’re need are pray to God and keep on positive thinking. World’s just need more positive-thinkers. I hope I could change mind to be like one of them. Also wish if someday I got a problem, I see those as a learning-method. Life is simple, take the lesson and step more carefully. 

Study smarter, play as well. 

I’m on 4th semester now, and the subjects in school are more complicated. It makes my doing-hobbies-time’s less, oh no. Anyway, have you heard quotes which say that “Life should be balance”? In my dictionary it sounds like this: Study and Doing-hobbies are need a balance time :p
..and so many more things that I’ve should start from this year. I couldn’t be act like a child, play as teenage anymore. All things might be change depend on situations, but the personality and characters are always be the same. Perhaps, It only can be changed by time, bring someone to be a better one, or bad. It’s all about a choice!
good night.

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