Mini Robot Car

Summer 2011:   
This pictures remind me of Intensive training on summer last year. Twenty students in my class include me had to make mini-robot-car. Also the input of this robot is depend on each group. Me and my Japanese partner, were using infrared sensor as the input source. It can detect the apparent direction of movement. As an object passes in front of adjacent sensors in turn, this implies the direction of movement. This may be used by on-board electronics to reduce false alarms, i.e., by requiring adjacent sensors to trip in succession. It may also be used to signal the direction of movement to a monitoring apparatus.
“Stay calm, Study hard, and Play harder”.
 We designed the structure of the mini-car from the tire, dynamo, battery, LCD display on the top, Infrared Sensor in the front of robot. The most difficult part was when I had to make the sensor’s part which I had to calculate about the accuracy, because if the sensors’ calculation were incorrect or there were a mistakes when I was soldering those part, this robot could not work as it should. Anyway, we named our car as “Kumamoto Kantoku Robot (not me, It was named by my friend. Sounds weird?)
…and Lucky me, the sensor part worked well, and the car was also run quite fast.

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